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18286, regie gibson
Posted by rgv, Thu Feb-09-06 12:12 PM
"the city is..."

the city is the body of a woman where stars and street-lamps war for night.
a cauldron of asphalt glass rubber where money is heart ovary semen vein
the city a host living off her leeches where ghost fumes lay in ambush and anger is
a legacy alive in her skin
the city the body the women pens her poet in the dim lights of projects,
spray-paints her artists on crumbling walls I have seen loneliness languishing in
caverns of neon, where her dreams live, rape, torture die and live again.
the city is the body of a woman a body where transformation forms in the fallow of grease and sweat.
A body tattooed with henna and hell. Where men stumble into bitter memory and beg the comfort of
quarters where kindness is contraband held soft and trembling to the swollen lips of rage.
the city the head-phoned body of a woman bobbing in subways to 4/4 oblivion in whose body heroin
is rider-less horse whinnying beneath the windows of fetuse
s in whose body night is stalk and hyena spit laughing alley and dark corridors of snoring nightmares mumbling dark fugues of ache and awe
whose body is muse and murder the city is refrain of suicide seeking salvation in pulpit
and tambourine while god is scripture moaned in the beds of sinners.
the city is the body of a woman whose water is always breaking