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Topic subjectdon l lee/ haki madhubuti {in love w/ this poem}
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18280, don l lee/ haki madhubuti {in love w/ this poem}
Posted by rgv, Sun Feb-05-06 12:40 PM

you are forest rain
dense with life green colors
forever pulling the blue of life into you
see you walk and
i would burst rainwater into you
swim in & out of you
opening you like anxious earthquakes
uncontrollable but beautiful & dangerous.

get with this woman come
fire frozen beauty,
men cannot sleep around you
your presence demands attention
demands notice
demands touch & motion & communication.

you are runner
swift like warm hurricanes
fast like stolen firebirds
& you disrupt the silence in me
make me speak memories forgotten & unshared.
secrets uttered in strange storms,
deep full sounds reserved for magical,
magical lovers.

listen runner
i have shared pain with you,
i have commented on future worlds to you,
i have let you touch the weak & strong of me,
i have tasted the tip of your ripeness &
kissed sweat from your middle.

i have bit into your mouth and
sucked the lifeforces from your insides and
i know you. Understand you.
i have shared books and travel and music and
growth with you.

sweet knows honey & I know you.
under salted water tides
& running against polluted earth
i've tried to be good to you woman
tried to care beyond words
care beyond distant spaces
sensitive phases & quiet lies care
beyond cruel music & false images.
you are original high & dream maker
& true men do not try to limit you.

listen woman black
i do not wish to dominate your dreams
or obstruct your vision.
trust my motion feel
know that I am near & with you
& will cut the cold of winter winds to reach you.
you are delicate bronze
in spring-summers & special autumns
you are forest rain
dark & runner & hurricane-black frequently
i say frequently I bring you midnight rain.