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18255, my vote...
Posted by hdub, Thu Mar-09-06 01:24 PM
...alright i been staying out of the voting so far 'cause we haven't had anything that was too tight yet- since im hosting i thought id keep my mouth shut unless there was a situation where there was a real close call... as we're getting down to the wire i can see that this round is definitely that situation

first off props to you both for a very ill round of audios

here's how i see the vote on this- sha definitely got the tightest lyrics in this round- got to give him the edge in that category i wont even try to put down the quotables cause there are far too many- on the other hand got to give nile the edge in terms of the flow and audio aspect

that means a tie in my book, but since this is a competitive thing im gonna give the slight edge to nile

why? sha got the edge in terms of content nile got the edge in terms of overall audio steez but i feel i got to discount sha's edge a bit cause of the format i laid out for this in the original sign up post:


>...like i been saying up there- to me a battle track can be just giving yourself props and >strutting your rhyme skill
>if folks dont want directed punches dont do 'em
>i think it's better though if we have similar topics and not just a free for all since we're >gonna have direct comparisons going on- kind of like weight classes
>rather than having punches these verses should be focused on how ill you think you are/ >why you rhyme/ and what it means to you
>i think that expands on the just strutting concept while giving a lot of creative freedom >without having say a love flow up against a some props shit--- cause i know from my >own experience trying to write different things some topics bring different challenges >this'll kind of level the playing field

so yeah, im giving Nile the win on this by the closest of margins but once again many props to both of you cause this round exemplifies exactly what i was hoping we'd be seeing each week in this tournament