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Topic subjectschedules (round 2!!)...
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18252, schedules (round 2!!)...
Posted by hdub, Tue Mar-07-06 01:50 AM
...so like i was saying up there ^ i want to get the schedules for the next round in here now even though we dont know all the winners yet since were over halfway through and we dont want people to get surprised

i figured now would be a good time to ge tthis done and posted since with all this people are probably checkign the boards a bit more regularly

so, here's the rest of the matchups for round one and the lineup for round 2:

WEEK FIVE Friday 3/10:

willi_dudat vs. Ezzsential

WEEK SIX Friday 3/17:

Miracleric vs. Prolif

********ROUND TWO********

WEEK SEVEN Friday 3/24

Zin vs. ((the winner of Shakeet Lohk Em vs. Nile))

WEEK EIGHT Friday 3/31

((the winner of willi_dudat vs. Ezzsential)) vs. blak_yukon

WEEK NINE Friday 4/7

hdub vs. ((the winner of Miracleric vs. Prolif))


for the third round (semis) we're going to have one match and somebody getting a bye--- the person with the highest combined margin of victory from the first two rounds will get the bye