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Topic subjectRE: 2006 hdub Invitational Week 4: Nile vs. Shakeet Lohk Em
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18248, RE: 2006 hdub Invitational Week 4: Nile vs. Shakeet Lohk Em
Posted by the_best_part, Sat Mar-04-06 01:14 AM

shakeet. sometimes your lyrics/flow sets me up in a space i like to be. always on point. and this audio is really good, better than the others, altho they were good as well.

nile,im glad i finally was able to listen to your tracks. i was not disappointed and it was worth the wait, the dload and installation of software, all of that. these are tracks i can easily vibe to like i do my fav cd's.

now...for the vote.
this was hard because both of the songs were dam good. but for me, shakeet got me with the message. the story telling and the movement of thoughts and such. amazing.
HOWEVER, if nile had chosen another of his tracks to submit in this competition, it would've gotten my vote. namely 'just how im feeling' and 'where' or 'the quiet'. (dont let me find out jay z came out of retirement on these boards)