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Topic subject2006 hdub Invitational Week 4: Nile vs. Shakeet Lohk Em
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18239, 2006 hdub Invitational Week 4: Nile vs. Shakeet Lohk Em
Posted by hdub, Fri Mar-03-06 08:34 PM
Alright everybody it's that time again, I'm here getting us ready for the weekend with some hot audios hot off the presses. I know last week was a bit of a letdown; especially for me since only two of you decided to give me any thoughts on my audio, but I got a feeling this week is gonna put this thing more than back on track. This is one of the matchups so far that I am most excited about. Coming up first we got Nile; the lone wild card, the dark horse x factor of the tourney. This dude might be a bit of an unknown quantity around these parts but if you've checked out his pages as I have you know he's a top seed in this. Then we've got Shakeet Lohk Em a cat who may one day change the fact that Baltimore is probably the only major city in this country without a famous MC to it's name. Shakeet is a regular on this board but by no means has his socially concious brand of beat riding gotten old. As you can see I'm hyped for this bout, but I'm guessing you guys are too so let me shut my trap and get to the tracks:



Loser’s Weepers****OKAYPLAYER****©2006

Verse: I

I’m back in the moment waiting on nothing/
With a tall glass of Orange Juice and A Corn Muffin/
Loving’ every moment I breathe this air/ and I really don’t care/
Yall cats saying nothing/
Bluffing let’em believe I’m soft in the waist/
I’ll soften ya face with a really hard taste/
Place me in the box put me on the surface/
You know how I get rock mics with a purpose/
Wordless matter a fact rapper are “birdfish”/
Refer to this as a lesson in the truth
Crucifix Thoughts I’m a blessing in the booth
Really fuck money is what I’m stressing to the youth
Oops I dropped it Emcees break easy like a T-mobile Sidekick
Plugs and sockets power my brain /Sanity/
Action Jackson Looking for vanity/
Don’t be mad at me I’m doing what I gotta
Flows that’s sick Nile Hardin got a Lotta
I read G.Q. but I don’t rock Prada
You lukewarm my brainstorms is much hotta/
Application not needed don’t bother
DNA test prove I’m ya father
Blaze Guns Music Love
“Something Something Something Something” with a thug?/
Follow the path live my dream/
Graffiti in the hood skipping rocks on a stream/
A little too much to drink I’m hard on the lean/
And I might just stumble mumble/
Something stupid regret it try to regress/
But fuck it I said it digress/

Verse: II

You lost it now don’t cry don’t question/
I live in the Lab every breath is a session/
Sexy ass beats intercourse verbs/
Freaky slumber thoughts busting off on sheets/
Speech like Gettysburg I carry heavy words/
A 2-ton thesaurus Explore this/
Map quest Google Nile Hardin/
“OKAYPLAYER” look what yall started/
Schuylkill punch the flow I wanna go where yall go/
It’s never been about that?/
3rd School© 215 I boast/
I flame rappers talking ‘bout dough yall toast/
Butter that Tims on my feet like rims/
I control an emcee game like The Sims™/
And I love pussy…/
And I love Cucci/
Even if I blow never catch me at a show rockin Gucci/
Thrift store chucks and a pair of old jeans…/

Loser’s Weepers©2006
Written and Produced By Nile Hardin For 3rd School Recordings
Philadelphia Penn. 19140

Shakeet Lohk Em:

This joint is called "Home Is..."


2001, in the year of our Lord/ when Crusade victims brought fear to our door/
A young man in Boston, Matthew Dawson, was paralyzed to see these flyin coffins/
Shocked at what he seen on the t.v. screen/ a Western nightmare, Middle Eastern dream/
3,000 people dead, all races and colors/ now everybody's neighborly, embracin each other/
This tragic circumstance start shakin the system/ Racism put on hold for patriotism/
Thoughts run through, "This evil can't stand/ This America, not holy war badlands/"
“But my peoples in the dirt like Pebbles and Bam Bam/ Still, I can't be another angry black man"/
“So, I know what I'll do, I'll join the service/ the red white and blue, with a noble purpose”/
He went through the steps, and he got deployed/ first to Afghanistan, fit to bring that noise/
So convinced in his heart to stop Taliban ploys/ But as time passed he felt the guilt in his loins/
Then shipped to Baghdad where all peace devoid/ and saw first hand how the army did enjoy/
Shootin innocent Muslims with their fatal toys/ and saw the hate boilin in little Arab boys/
So Matthew prayed, for God to save, the sanity of those in Abu Ghraib/
Where he seen soldiers instigate prisoner melee/ so they can ‘have fun’ and let their A-K spray/
“Oh My God, I'm in the KKK…./ I wanna go home…. “

On the western bank of the ebony lands/ A Senegal tribe looked toward heavenly hands/
askin to be delivered from the clutch of the Dutch/ Lucifer's bunch/ in their huts huddled and hunched/
And such was the life of Olu Mbaye/ sadly one of millions on the slave trade highway/
Taken from his family, daughter and wife/ his soul, his life, his porters of light/
They were chained and shackled/ plain unnatural/ herded on a ship and trained like cattle/
Packed like cargo in 3 foot spaces/ 6 foot kings with seethin hatred/
Dreams of stabbin these criminal minds/ and whisperin "Satan has indigo eyes"/
The smell of blood, humanity theft/ the smell of feces, the smell of death/
Aboard a floatin morgue, it's a mental savage/ the essence of evil, this the Middle Passage/
Olu missed his family, hadn't seen them in weeks/ and his wife is goin crazy, his daughter never speaks/
They thought Olu dead, the hurt was gastric/ so one summer's night they kissed the Atlantic/
When he got the news, Olu refused to be to upset, he felt that he did not lose/
He rather them die than to live this lie, so dehydrated, had no tears to cry/
He’s a shell of a man, a blank look on his face now/ 1712 they arrived in Jamestown/
But he blocks it out with a rampart mind/ looks up to see his family in the vast dark sky/
A constellation drawn by Black Star Lines…../ He wants to go home


that's it for this week, but as everybody should know by now we still got two more weeks of battles coming up and thats just round 1. i was thinking about it and i realized i need to get on scheduling round 2 so nobody gets caught off guard and there's no excuses for DQ'ing. i'll be back in here later this weekend with the schedules for the rest of round one and for the beginning of round 2 so keep checking in. oh yeah, and VOTE!!!