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Topic subject"Sub me in"
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18218, "Sub me in"
Posted by Nile, Fri Feb-24-06 10:50 PM
Looks like we got us a DQ. "Hey coach, put me in!" If SouthernBoy does post then I'll edit this out. If not, I got this week and next week. Hell I just want to keep this thing moving. Last two weeks have been much better than I expected. "GetFilthy!"

Nile Hardin

Where are you going /Where have you been/ If it is ending when did it begin(repeat)

Verse I.
Iím Nile Hardin yes sir I am that nice/ I took ya DNA to clone you and kill you twice/ verbal homicide makeit a double / like St. Joes we on the bubble/ Ďbout to blow do you want trouble/ didnít think so/ the flow like river water/ raise your sons teach ya daughters giving orders shoot first/ cause the second one to shoot leaks the worst/ fuck image long as I obey my thirst/ Iím one hot beat away from a million in sales or one hotheaded cop from life in jail/ the ďGrammar KingPinĒ prince of verbs/ shit on the rhythm to fertilize my words/ absurd thoughts of golden mics diamonds in my turntables/ fuck A and Rs/ burning up these major labels/ thoughts Malcolm riding solo through the galaxy/ strong as a wookie in a silver falcon/ watching the Kill Bill opus/ laying like a snake charmer/ planting seeds in Hip-Hop call me the Farmer/ smarty jones on the track got the beat on tilt/ foundation made of steel brick walls Iím built/ I play mics like Wilt the Stilt/ exaggerated feedback/ a weekend at the Hilton A.C. man I need that/ Lean Back got alot to say / Do the Rock-a-Way/ South Philly Gun Club I purchased it on Gloc Day/

Verse II:
Iím about to bust like M-80ís at a pay phone/gown man flow you kids stay home/ donít listen to the punks they no nothing Ďbout chrome/ the gloc is all black t-shirts is all white/. unless you got blood stains from leaking in the fight/ asthmatic conversations got you choking on the mic/ Iím prestigious/ Iím the preacher/ that's too religious Iím the teacher /all you rappers need better features/ betters flows better show sounds and get downs/ better conjunctions better adverbs and pronouns/ profound thoughts of a king when i speak/I love philly but truth be told/ ďFUCK JOHN STREETĒ/ riding in a drop or he train/ its a;; the same but its not/ coal is a diamond and a diamonds a rock/ coked up mics i need my fix /Iím like Jordan in Game 6 the zone iím in/ can I ricochet 2 shot off ya chin/ if it starts right now tell me when will it end/ the rap guillotine taking off ya wig/ I need stability like foster kids and understand/


Verse III: The last chance for 2maro/ I bet on hope and joy not pain and sorrow so tell ya boys/ Like the Roy jr.ís and MJís him stay right on top real comfy and I like my spot/ I find paradise tucked between the pad and the pen fast forward see the future rewind play it to win/ say it again/ it the return of graffiti busting off in Neferteri drawls got history pregnant/ checking the segment/ speilberg directed/ me and the mic go back like car seats and bad credit/ forget it...


The Symbols Of An Independent Mind.