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18217, RE: Itz Kool Blak ...
Posted by hdub, Fri Mar-03-06 10:22 AM
thanks both of you for feedback- glad you guys still seeing progress

i definitely co-sign on this:

>I just hope aaiiirybody else is on point and "ON TIME" with
>their agenda, so we ain't gotta wait -- x(

belive it or not though i already have most of the rest of the first round in my inbox cause people seem to be eager

as far as southern he knows where im at-- cant do nothing about this competition cause as you can see its a tight schedule and we got to keep it moving but i know hes dealing with a lot so if he ever wants to do new recordings and have an audio throwdown all he needs to do is make a post

this things got another ten hours though before i put the new stuff up hopefully i can get one or two critiques before we move on cause that's really one of the main things this is all about for me

i know people were listening

shit, at this rate maybe ill just post it up down there as a regular audio post i think im an underdog in this i need all the feedback i can get