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18212, Yoooooooo ...
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Sun Feb-26-06 01:47 PM
Dub darlin', you sound so much more relaxed and comfortable with your voice this time! -- :7 -- *Word*

And the lyrics are autobiographical in a signature quality way -- *smiles*

I'm impressed! -- You done good ...

Especially right here:

>digesting, expressing- it all happens when i write
>i get tight but feel nice if i light up and type
>thatís right- its like emceeings inside me
>Ďcause iíve grown up with rap being right beside me
>to guide me through my best and through my worst
>head bobbing iím immersed
>in a universe birthed
>on the streets of my city
>where the grinding be gritty
>no pity to be found so this the sound
>of those trodden down- huddled, hustling, struggling
>all the soldiers who keep new york streets bubbling
>our lives be troubling- so we never could rest
>we never sleep cause sleep be the cousin of death

( Being a "closet~New Yorker" -- I can relate to your mindset! -- :9 )

We'll just have to wait & see what the SouthernBoy's efforts look like, huh? -- ;)