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Topic subjectmy links and lyrics...
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18211, my links and lyrics...
Posted by hdub, Fri Feb-24-06 07:50 PM
...you know i had to wait right up until the deadline to make an entrance and shit-- good luck southernboy.

heres my link:


and the lyrics:

used to ride the trains just to pass the time
cutting classes when i found my passion- rhymes
learned classic lines- had headphones on blast
Raps and grass- shit that kept me going like gas
getting lifted i was gifted with the path to surpass
past my circumstances- feel outside my self
went through days in trances with hip hops’ help
pushing trees in the streets- while I moved to the beat
paranoia would creep- but i turned up the heat
on the tracks- i would relax- to each MC’s speech
lost in rhythm- staying hidden in verse
life hurts- this music helped me to traverse
this earth- now always stay progressing
rhymes my method for processing
my questions when stressing-
digesting, expressing- it all happens when i write
i get tight but feel nice if i light up and type
that’s right- its like emceeings inside me
‘cause i’ve grown up with rap being right beside me
to guide me through my best and through my worst
head bobbing i’m immersed
in a universe birthed
on the streets of my city
where the grinding be gritty
no pity to be found so this the sound
of those trodden down- huddled, hustling, struggling
all the soldiers who keep new york streets bubbling
our lives be troubling- so we never could rest
we never sleep cause sleep be the cousin of death
if you always look right you not watching your left
like while caesar slept all his enemies crept
to best connect direct to the heart of our spirit
when i hear a beat i spit hot lead in lyrics
to shoot down- whatever might be coming right at me
i rhyme to tell the world it could never fucking drag me
down- to the ground- im always moving to heights
you could never stop my soul ‘cause it flies when i write
you could never stop my soul ‘cause it flies when i write
you could never stop my soul ‘cause it flies when i write
you could never stop my soul ‘cause it flies when i write

****edit- this beat is from the remix to nas' new york state of mind pt. II