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Topic subject2006 Dub Invitational: ~***SOUTHERNBOY vs HDUB***~(week 3)
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18204, 2006 Dub Invitational: ~***SOUTHERNBOY vs HDUB***~(week 3)
Posted by sikstyle, Fri Feb-24-06 01:34 AM
WITH YOUR SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE... sikstyle, aka SIKmIND, aka 'stilo-enfermo, aka... oh wait, this isnt about me...

weeks 1 and 2 went even better than I expected, this is on fire right now, but it dont stop here. This week we're matchin Southernboy versus my homey Hdub, the dude that "makes this look easy" vs the rising rookie. SB has been consistently ill, and dub has improved exponentially with every drop, so we dont really know what to expect, other than fire from both of theses artists.

Both of you have til 8:00pm tonight to post (friday 2/24). POST in this thread, do not inbox. put ya lyrics up too, and remember THE POWER IS YOURS (c) Captain Planet. SIK-CREST, OUT!!