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Posted by Jon, Thu Feb-02-06 07:03 PM

read both, vote for your favorite
muddywaters will be deducted 4 votes for being 4 days late.

TOPIC: a dedication verse to one (or more) of your fav artists
WORDS: .eucalyptus. | .dragon. (must use both)



In this tree of creation
The Roots are my brothers
Grounding me
Stabilizing my consciousness
Their ears are close to the earth
Listening to the voices of our ancestors and founders of this culture
Deciphering codes of truth in fresh waters
Then passing it along to the branches
To sustain artists thirsty for substance
To feed us inspiration
I am a branch
Reaching up because they push me to expansion
To lift my mind past limits of fear
To explore the musical heavens
To not be restricted
My sister is a Scott like me
First name Jill
She is a branch that is as long as her journey
She’s sturdy
The kind of branch that can support the weight
Of curious children that manage to climb up to her level of wisdom
Leaves of eucalyptus adorn us
Dripping with melodic and lyrical medicine
That is strong enough to soothe souls,
Point hearts towards hope,
And be the salve used to heal burns
Inflicted by the dragon of oppression’s fire
This tree stands strong and is eternal
Though its Thoughts are Black,
Light is emitted
This tree is proud
This tree is prolific
This tree is the life of creation



the mission
step in with all votes deleted
walk away undefeated as if somehow i cheated
my moms…
who skills wasn't vincent van gogh
stopped drawing attention, menstrual flow slowed
for three tri-mesters, life would truly test her
she swore that she would pass and i would be her last
the oldest, first one to be molded
made mistakes with this sculpture, she couldn't control it
it's complicated tryin to make that perfect vase
knowing that if you damage, it can never be replaced
constant feel of her embrace as she vowed to construct
a living statue of her blood that would have better luck
an artist...
painted "niggers" as the smartest
to make life worth it
she painted picture perfects
kinda knew we was poor but she always assured
use the tools that you have, you will always endure
she painted that wealth, never wanted for needs
if a friend asked for help, they never had to plead
painted my self esteem
"try and you'll succeed"
"jealously makes 'em mean"
"better make 'em bleed"
painted a different breed
eucalyptus...among the evergreens
fresh like baby dragonflys learning to flap their wings
thats somewhat extreme
now i'm fuckin witcha
but you get the picture