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Topic subjectTopic Tourney: Championship
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18160, Topic Tourney: Championship
Posted by Jon, Wed Jan-18-06 07:36 PM
first of all, blaksilence: GEEZE!!! you didn't have to go and vote against yourself!

second of all, sorry it took me til the end of Wed to get this up, UMass Lowell is trying to throw me off my future and present.

third, congrats to muddywatters, you deserve it. i had a great concept, took a huge risk, but was unable to pull it off and you pulled yours off great.

daniemuse, you DEF belong here.

ok....so here it is

daniemuse vs muddywatters

TOPIC: a dedication verse to one (or more) of your fav artists
2 WORDS: .eucalyptus. | .dragon. (use both)