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18124, my vote:
Posted by Prolif, Mon Feb-13-06 09:14 AM
zin's track: i thought frak actually took away from the overall feel of the track - not that ur verse was bad frak, but zin just laid it down better and outshined you on this one...i'm always a fan of original production, so props for that too...cadence was good, and the quality of the audio was pretty good...hook was ok and the adlibs were on point

sik's track: the uptempo track was a good selection...lyrically i thought it was good...but your presence was not up to par on the track...just sounded like you said, "man, let me just submit this verse before the deadline"...the flow wasn't that bad though...also the quality of the vocals were a little off....good drop nonetheless fam

vote: Zin


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