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Topic subjectShyt! -- Phuck! -- Dayummmm!
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18119, Shyt! -- Phuck! -- Dayummmm!
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Sun Feb-12-06 01:59 AM
This is hard, yo!

With "Changes" we got Frak~A~licious & Zin~Fan~del parlayin' on some laid back "No Nonsense" reality ish -- (Frak even tryna sing a lil' tune -- :P) ----- And the hook: "Family ain't family no more/and we don't (((Chill))) the same way -- We useta hang back in da day ..." was mos' def' tizzziight! I liked the mellow background beat, *Props to the S.A.U.S.E. man* -- but I don't like how it got cut off at the end! -- :( (Sound like flowin' was still going on, but it was clipped, nahmean?)


We got the iLLness of the "Sik Mind" infecting my brain stem & neck muscles with involuntary head nods & knee jerks -- Beat was sho' nuff "jammmin'" on da ONE! -- :9

My fav verses:

>let there be light- I use to spit in the darkness
>the dim side- sick mind so mind the sik mines
>wrong step --*BOOM*-- shut down like sik's blinds
>cause I equip cryptic quips to crypt pricks// so ya
>might find it best not to yap that quick shit// and
>my spit hits like Rambo in camo
>the hits keep comin like I got infinite ammo
>pop shit on the low n ask me what my problem be
>I split a pussy open like I studied gynecology
>my brains raw- hard headed cats get the chainsaw

The way you spit ^this^ was ludicrous -- :P -- (Like Whateva said: Ridin' da beat) -- nicely! -- And the (((BOOM))) sound effects & gunshots added a lil' summm summm extra to the whole joint -- *Yuuuup

I like em' BOTH -- But 4 different reasons -- And under different circumstances -- Cuz they both were "extremely" nice -- Just on opposite ends of the spectrum.

I'ont know how much help I'm gonna be with this judging thang, cuz I'm sure "TIE" ain't gon' be welcomed on too many threads -- *chuckles* -- So like Shakeet -- I'mmmma have 2 listen summmm mo' and come back later.

I just wanted y'all to know that I checked -- & gots respect!

*Excellent Job Fellas* -- I B Back ... :)