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Topic subjectladies and gentlemen.....
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18109, ladies and gentlemen.....
Posted by hdub, Sat Feb-11-06 05:06 PM
...it's the moment you've all been waiting for, the start of the 2006 hdub invitational!!

a new day has dawned and hopefully it's brought a bit of a better vibe for us to get this thing rolling with

sorry for the late start on this, but i was rocking out a little extra hard last night and i just got up, so without any further ado let's get this thing moving...

and we are definitely kicking this thing off right, with two audios from two of this board's best; in one corner we've got my man sikstyle representing the bronx, in the other corner we got a guy whose been fighting it out on these boards for a while, the don from the dirty south zin!!!!

but before we get to the battle i must make up the schedule for the rest of round one for this thing cause i want to put it in a spot where it wont be missed:



WEEK TWO Friday 2/17:

BarTek vs. blak_yukon

WEEK THREE Friday 2/24:

hdub vs. southernboy_423

WEEK FOUR Friday 3/3:

Nile vs. Shakeet Lohk Em

WEEK FIVE Friday 3/10:

willi_dudat vs. Esszential

WEEK SIX Friday 3/17:

Miracleric vs. Prolif

and that's it for the first round. we're going to have a lot of nice audios coming up in the next few weeks, but without question this first matchup that we're kicking this off with is one of the best, so.... break out your headphones and a bag of chips 'cause it's time for


Zin's verse (2nd on there):


Sik's verse:



watch the sleight of hand cause ya know sik's dirty
game locked hands down like clocks at 6:30
I talk sik sins secreting toxins from
syntax so toxic, step wit caution
rip off the books, n I'm off the hook
but yall dont gotta give a shit ya shit gets took
look in BX, where a Lex parks is hot,
and I might dig ya chest open, like X marks the spot
aim straight for the heart, wit a 6th sense of terror
so suckaz got no choice but to feel me like Helen Keller
when it rains I pour in forms of metaphors
storm wit acid showers that'll stretch out ya pores
ancients as wars, sharp wits slayin em quick
I run a deadly flow like I dipped in the Styx
no I aint overconfident sik is not a actor
one day I might lose but this bitch is not a factor
straight up nonsense - I been straight hot since
let there be light- I use to spit in the darkness
the dim side- sick mind so mind the sik mines
wrong step --*BOOM*-- shut down like sik's blinds
cause I equip cryptic quips to crypt pricks// so ya
might find it best not to yap that quick shit// and
my spit hits like Rambo in camo
the hits keep comin like I got infinite ammo
pop shit on the low n ask me what my problem be
I split a pussy open like I studied gynecology
my brains raw- hard headed cats get the chainsaw
shock value rhymes? nah, I aim for maimed awe
jaw broke from bitin, and ya frontin appalled ho?
I blow ya spot up like I just found Waldo
you like a black hole you suck hard til aint nothin left
*you better watch your step*

zin post up your lyrics too when you get a chance

anyways enjoy everybody, but don't forget to vote-- remember we got a 50 post minimum for your votes to be counted, if you got under that feel free to express yourself but until you get your weight up your vote won't be part of the official total

ill see you all back here next friday at eight o'clock sharp