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Topic subject'dub Invitational Week One: Zin vs. Sikstyle....
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18108, 'dub Invitational Week One: Zin vs. Sikstyle....
Posted by hdub, Fri Feb-10-06 08:06 PM
...in case you didn't know today is a sad day for this music were supposed to be celebrating with this


i was gonna kick this tourney off anyways but it just doesnt feel like the right vibe to get this started with

i'll post the verses in here after the sign up deadline tomorrow @ noon

check back in then to see the full tournament schedule and a hot battle

for now please take at least the time you would have spent listening to the verses and spend it on some thoughts and prayers for Dilla and his family and friends

RIP Jay Dee

18109, ladies and gentlemen.....
Posted by hdub, Sat Feb-11-06 05:06 PM
...it's the moment you've all been waiting for, the start of the 2006 hdub invitational!!

a new day has dawned and hopefully it's brought a bit of a better vibe for us to get this thing rolling with

sorry for the late start on this, but i was rocking out a little extra hard last night and i just got up, so without any further ado let's get this thing moving...

and we are definitely kicking this thing off right, with two audios from two of this board's best; in one corner we've got my man sikstyle representing the bronx, in the other corner we got a guy whose been fighting it out on these boards for a while, the don from the dirty south zin!!!!

but before we get to the battle i must make up the schedule for the rest of round one for this thing cause i want to put it in a spot where it wont be missed:



WEEK TWO Friday 2/17:

BarTek vs. blak_yukon

WEEK THREE Friday 2/24:

hdub vs. southernboy_423

WEEK FOUR Friday 3/3:

Nile vs. Shakeet Lohk Em

WEEK FIVE Friday 3/10:

willi_dudat vs. Esszential

WEEK SIX Friday 3/17:

Miracleric vs. Prolif

and that's it for the first round. we're going to have a lot of nice audios coming up in the next few weeks, but without question this first matchup that we're kicking this off with is one of the best, so.... break out your headphones and a bag of chips 'cause it's time for


Zin's verse (2nd on there):


Sik's verse:



watch the sleight of hand cause ya know sik's dirty
game locked hands down like clocks at 6:30
I talk sik sins secreting toxins from
syntax so toxic, step wit caution
rip off the books, n I'm off the hook
but yall dont gotta give a shit ya shit gets took
look in BX, where a Lex parks is hot,
and I might dig ya chest open, like X marks the spot
aim straight for the heart, wit a 6th sense of terror
so suckaz got no choice but to feel me like Helen Keller
when it rains I pour in forms of metaphors
storm wit acid showers that'll stretch out ya pores
ancients as wars, sharp wits slayin em quick
I run a deadly flow like I dipped in the Styx
no I aint overconfident sik is not a actor
one day I might lose but this bitch is not a factor
straight up nonsense - I been straight hot since
let there be light- I use to spit in the darkness
the dim side- sick mind so mind the sik mines
wrong step --*BOOM*-- shut down like sik's blinds
cause I equip cryptic quips to crypt pricks// so ya
might find it best not to yap that quick shit// and
my spit hits like Rambo in camo
the hits keep comin like I got infinite ammo
pop shit on the low n ask me what my problem be
I split a pussy open like I studied gynecology
my brains raw- hard headed cats get the chainsaw
shock value rhymes? nah, I aim for maimed awe
jaw broke from bitin, and ya frontin appalled ho?
I blow ya spot up like I just found Waldo
you like a black hole you suck hard til aint nothin left
*you better watch your step*

zin post up your lyrics too when you get a chance

anyways enjoy everybody, but don't forget to vote-- remember we got a 50 post minimum for your votes to be counted, if you got under that feel free to express yourself but until you get your weight up your vote won't be part of the official total

ill see you all back here next friday at eight o'clock sharp

18110, Damn Sik..
Posted by Whateva, Sat Feb-11-06 05:38 PM
Ridin that beat like that. You'll be nasty when you get comfortable with ya flow. Frak and Zin put together a nice track. Zin's flow is polished, but Frak's needs a little bit of work. Between Zin and Sik, I had a better reaction from Sik, but I was expecting more from Zin to begin with......I don't do the tie vote, so I'm giving the slight edge to Sik.
18111, sik
Posted by the_best_part, Sun Feb-12-06 11:45 AM
i really dig both of these. but i liked sik's better.
18112, sik was on a more uptempo beat but sounded...
Posted by Jason Voorhies, Sun Feb-12-06 03:16 PM
as if reading from a page, causing him to fumble a bit. had he been more comfortable on the beat he could of had this. i go with Zin...like someone else mentioned, he sounds more polished. more familiar with his voice over a beat.

<---prime real estate.

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18113, going with what this guy said...
Posted by blak_yukon, Mon Feb-13-06 11:10 PM


me and the fellas would converge and heat up some Hot Pockets in preparation for Rap City.© Roc

let's talk:
18114, i don't usually do this but ....lyrics
Posted by Zin, Sun Feb-12-06 03:54 PM
Family ain’t family no more ……and we don’t chill the same wayyyyyy…
We used to hang back in the day …
Things change
caught up in the gilts and gleem ….
The rims the ropes the dope the rings ….

We was cool since the age of 13 we getting cream then a case of gain green came between
Fam envying me …blasphemy jealousy and deceit telling my wiz what I do in the streets …
Judas’ a kisser …
Close enemies …spy vs spy look in my eyes still hit me with a mouth full of lies
Poker faced …
My man my PINC my ace …codefendant any case holding me down with a heart full of hate
We was closer than Puffy and Mase
Herman and Chase …when shit dropped we war like Biggie and Pac …
I was the nukka that taught you to spark…
Now you act like you don’t understand when I try and tell you to stop …
You got caught this hookers holding ya heart …can’t trust her far as you can throw …
Can’t get house wife from hoe …
I saying shit you should already know but thru the puffs of the dro…
It hard to realize what’s be come so visual…
It’ll take a miracle… for us the mend the loose ends that bind broke friends and silly hoes ..
But for really tho …it’s like I don’t even care no more cause fam ain’t fam no more …

18115, RE: ladies and gentlemen.....
Posted by Nile, Wed Feb-15-06 07:37 PM
Because they were both good and there cannot be a tie I say you implement a point and half point system.

Zin 1 point
Sikstyle 1/2 point

Peace and love to both emcees.


Think? or follow...
18116, Zin vs. Sikstyle
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Sat Feb-11-06 07:10 PM
This was extremely close. I can't call this right now. I'll have to come back and listen to them again. Good drops by both though.
18117, The vote
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Mon Feb-13-06 02:13 AM
After comin back and listening again, I have to give it to Zin. I agree with what's been said about Sik's comfortbality over the track. There are some spots where he sounds unsure. But just a few. For the majority of the track he rocked it. What I liked about Zin's offering was the music. That was an ill track. And his recordin techniques are polished more like a professional. I'm talkin about adlibs, doubles, that sort of thing. They're small additions but it counts for alot. It adds swagger to it. So there it is. Zin takes it. But Sik you more than handled yours. IMO
18118, damn
Posted by empro, Sun Feb-12-06 01:17 AM
I musta been sleepin when this was announced

Good luck to all entered

and R.I.P. to J dilla
18119, Shyt! -- Phuck! -- Dayummmm!
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Sun Feb-12-06 01:59 AM
This is hard, yo!

With "Changes" we got Frak~A~licious & Zin~Fan~del parlayin' on some laid back "No Nonsense" reality ish -- (Frak even tryna sing a lil' tune -- :P) ----- And the hook: "Family ain't family no more/and we don't (((Chill))) the same way -- We useta hang back in da day ..." was mos' def' tizzziight! I liked the mellow background beat, *Props to the S.A.U.S.E. man* -- but I don't like how it got cut off at the end! -- :( (Sound like flowin' was still going on, but it was clipped, nahmean?)


We got the iLLness of the "Sik Mind" infecting my brain stem & neck muscles with involuntary head nods & knee jerks -- Beat was sho' nuff "jammmin'" on da ONE! -- :9

My fav verses:

>let there be light- I use to spit in the darkness
>the dim side- sick mind so mind the sik mines
>wrong step --*BOOM*-- shut down like sik's blinds
>cause I equip cryptic quips to crypt pricks// so ya
>might find it best not to yap that quick shit// and
>my spit hits like Rambo in camo
>the hits keep comin like I got infinite ammo
>pop shit on the low n ask me what my problem be
>I split a pussy open like I studied gynecology
>my brains raw- hard headed cats get the chainsaw

The way you spit ^this^ was ludicrous -- :P -- (Like Whateva said: Ridin' da beat) -- nicely! -- And the (((BOOM))) sound effects & gunshots added a lil' summm summm extra to the whole joint -- *Yuuuup

I like em' BOTH -- But 4 different reasons -- And under different circumstances -- Cuz they both were "extremely" nice -- Just on opposite ends of the spectrum.

I'ont know how much help I'm gonna be with this judging thang, cuz I'm sure "TIE" ain't gon' be welcomed on too many threads -- *chuckles* -- So like Shakeet -- I'mmmma have 2 listen summmm mo' and come back later.

I just wanted y'all to know that I checked -- & gots respect!

*Excellent Job Fellas* -- I B Back ... :)
18120, Well ...
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Sun Feb-12-06 04:09 PM
I went back and reviewed all the verbage on the original "2006 hdub Invitational" thread ...

Based on the criteria & comments made -- (My Interpretation Anywayz) -- For what we're 'sposed 2 B lookin' 4 -- Which should be a polished, skilled, "Well Thought Out", professional sounding joint ...

I gotta go with "ZIN" -------- But it was damn close!

There was just more of a professional (((SHINE))) and quality to Zin & Frak's joint.

And I gotta agree with those who heard the slight "discomfort" in Sik's pCe -- (It kinda blocked the flow, instead of creating a slick/easygoing cadence)

I'ont know if it's breath control or what -- (Cuz like I've said B~4, I ain't no expert in this (((AUDIO))) thang) -- But I heard summthin' that even the tight head noddin' beat couldn't hide -- And it took away points from the skilled lyrics and nice lil' sound effects -- :(

18121, CoSign
Posted by KnowOne, Mon Feb-13-06 11:25 AM
18122, helluva 1st round...
Posted by willi_dudat, Sun Feb-12-06 01:24 PM

hook is dope... flow on point... beat was butta'... slight distortion on the vocals, nuthin drastic tho...

imma give it a 7 of 10, def above average, but could use a lil more attention mastering wise...


you just gon jump, right in huh? flow tight, lyrics nice... you sound so uncomfortable tho? and kinda muffled... is that a beatnuts track?

imma give it a 5 of 10, par, only because in my book, if you usin a professionally produced track you have to "tear that shit up" as good or better than the original artist...helluva opener...

both did solid, but my vote goes to ZIN!!!
18123, forgot to mention....
Posted by hdub, Mon Feb-13-06 01:06 AM
...voting will close next friday at eight when i post up week 2, i figured that was self explanatory but i had initially planned on putting that with the schedule

so now you know

i couldnt have imagined a better start fo rhtis tourney--- nice job from both of you-- ill get my own vote in here eventually
18124, my vote:
Posted by Prolif, Mon Feb-13-06 09:14 AM
zin's track: i thought frak actually took away from the overall feel of the track - not that ur verse was bad frak, but zin just laid it down better and outshined you on this one...i'm always a fan of original production, so props for that too...cadence was good, and the quality of the audio was pretty good...hook was ok and the adlibs were on point

sik's track: the uptempo track was a good selection...lyrically i thought it was good...but your presence was not up to par on the track...just sounded like you said, "man, let me just submit this verse before the deadline"...the flow wasn't that bad though...also the quality of the vocals were a little off....good drop nonetheless fam

vote: Zin


"if it aint directed directly at me, i don't respect it" -- j
18125, zin
Posted by BarTek, Mon Feb-13-06 10:38 PM
the audio was much better... lyric wise, sik was awe some.. if you keep working on your voice and spit like you did in the last few bars, you will make much more impact... good job..

frak and zin both delivered a verse that asked you to listen... frak you did real good, there were moments were your flowed really became fluid.. and zin you had your usual approach but much more focused and refined so it was really nice... i think the weakest part of your verse was the hook... and frak, the weakest part of your verse was that it was a bit too long... i would shorten it, polish it and do it again .. your voice is real ill fam.. peace


I know the pieces fit, cause I watched them fall away. ~ Tool

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No question! ~ AZ

18126, uppin'....
Posted by hdub, Wed Feb-15-06 03:03 AM
...just trying to keep this thing visible
18127, Zin
Posted by Rajeniro757, Wed Feb-15-06 08:43 PM
no constructive crit.
i need a mic , some say i'm a mix between Luther Vandross and Canibus
18128, yoooooooo
Posted by sikstyle, Thu Feb-16-06 08:24 PM
good shit zin, was def feelin it, no shame in losin to that. thanks to everyone for the feedback too, every inch helps (no homo). peeace
18129, like i said before
Posted by Zin, Fri Feb-17-06 11:57 AM
i didn't think you were gonna come as strong as you did ...personaly i didn't know what to think but i neve you would come with it since dub is ya man and he put you up against me in the first ...goood show man ...nice pick for a beat ....hats off to you man ...
18130, ok, i thought this was battle?!?!?!
Posted by Ezzsential, Fri Feb-17-06 11:39 PM
cuz um, zin's verse was not a battle at all
siks was kinda

siks delivery needs work
zin needs to make a fuggin battle verse

I mean, did i misunderstand the directions?

- I write battle verses to Mariah Carey songs...www.soundclick.com/ezzsentialsoul

i love VH1 Soul & Adult Swim!
18131, RE: ok, i thought this was battle?!?!?!
Posted by sikstyle, Mon Feb-20-06 09:04 PM

nahh, not really battling unless you want to, i took it more as a way to get people pushin to work on something, and then just puttin it head to head
18132, Is It Possible?
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Mon Feb-20-06 03:06 AM
To get these Audio Invitational competitions ARCHIVED?

It would be ever so nice -- To be able to go back and listen, nahmean?

(((Just Wondering)))

Second anyone? -- Can I get a witness? -- :9

18133, RE: Is It Possible?
Posted by hdub, Mon Feb-20-06 11:00 PM
don't know if i can since techically i started these threads- but ill take a chance since its not only my rhymes

id love to see this too--- anchoring would also be hot--- i think it would get us more voters- and hopefully more feedback
18134, I Didn't Think About Anchoring ...
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Tue Feb-21-06 08:46 PM
But that's a good idea too! -- :)


(((A & A))) -- Anchor -- And -- Archive -- :9

18135, RE: Is It Possible?
Posted by sikstyle, Wed Feb-22-06 07:54 AM
3rd. yay yay.