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Posted by Jon, Thu Jan-12-06 11:00 AM
*sigh* i hate to dock people points when they're my own opponent since it seems kind of cheap and makes me feel a bit lame, but rules make the game go round, so i have to dock muddywaters 2 votes since it's 2 days from Tuesday. don't hate me.

TOPIC: plastic surgery
WORD: xenophobia



"stop talking to myself and clicking letters
mr who and mr who 2 do trick and catch us
then inject xenophette needles in ears and neck, butt
and Wiggle Man too! so watch what you do! me!"
--- He-273-B

"i was like 'we're stuck', right? you'd be thinking 'cluck'.
but Stupid picked us up. prolly looking for an effin-uck.
woodsy 'wine-dee' creepy night stuff. we took his truck
here's the keys, our little a's need c's so hook us up already!"
--- Mindy (Mandy's partner and friend)

"trapped between the tree seas, moon creeps to tease me
freeze! i see a clearing and...PEOPLE! no longer creepy...
big field, the people by bleachers...they force me through the fence??
'patients not allowed off the yard' they think i'm dense!
explain and strain the more i plead the more 'he's insane'
white-sheets with dim faces walk around limp-brained
PERFECT green, sloping soft, football lights tower off
into the sky, eerie solo strolls of random zombifieds"
--- Stupid

"Dear Sophia, xenophobia showed me whole kaboodle
she told me where d-o-c's here hope to steer the Noodle Shop
i know we can't cozy, you say i look remotely absolootle
zero like used to, but my souls don't get the boobles..."
--- He-152-L

"welcome Who 9, today we operate the Y patients.
__i'm glad you see the light behind the way this place is
if cats must look like cats and raisins should look like raisins
then everyones should look like everyones based on my tastings"
--- Dr Mondavi



hi my name is quasar from a planet way far
guest appearance at a bazaar, my appearance bizarre
i know this…you humans been noid ever since
humanoids learned flaws on their bodies they could twist
i mean fix, twist we say, umm reconstruct
your planet violated universal codes of conduct
this transgression, we labeled it body repossession
has us thinking, it’s about time for your extinction
did I speak that?
the cats out of the hat,
wrong expression? our agitated aggression
annihilates your perfection obsession
take me to your leader, the surgeon general
army of surgeons chief that caused this critical
we observed your regression, you were tryin to change
everybody on the planet to make them look the same
disgustin… perky nipples leak intoxins that kill the cells
monthly appearance-lifts received, you feel the fail
take place as stabilizers leave your face
error codes are deleted or either replaced
your race seems robotic, xenophobia psychotic
the irrational fear of foreign objects is chaotic
extractin fat from wide hips to place on thin lips
is prescribed by plastic masters that tell you to strip
and voice their opinions on your shape and size
mindless cutting on the body is sensationalized
well… my time is shrinkin, let me get to my mission
permission from my planet means your planets demolition
this was caused by your quest to seek body amenity
we won’t miss you much as you all have one identity