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Posted by Jon, Wed Jan-11-06 10:33 AM
TOPIC: pasta
WORD: jedi
(please read both and then reply with your favorite in the subject line)



i'm stuck in this shit reluctant as shit
buckin, how the fuk did i get seducted by dicks
can you believe this?
i mean i'm the near-queen princess leiah cleanbitch
wit cleavage double D shits that keep eewoks kneeless
i mean me-genius but darth said he had the biggest penis
i went to see it and wound up as some stringy shit in sauce next to some meat shit
i mean i woulda let him beat it, stick his meat in tweek then skeet it
i mean shit i got that clean shit if all he wanted was to eat it
now i'm sitting on this plate...waiting to be eaten
defeated and i all i scream is..."i mean...shit"
dumb ass half dead guy
prolly cum fast with your dead eye
i got the last laugh cuz u cant take off ur mask without a gasp
fucking half bad jedi



limp, lifeless, spineless
noodle-dicked pasta politicians
circling, swimming
in the direction of current trends
puffing up in expansion of half-truths
to appear more appealing
the "mamamia" of the universe
stirs with her spoon
of agitation, instigation and preparation
waiting for the right time
watching as the water of revolution
quietly tremble underneath
she stands patiently
toiling over the boiling liquid earthquake
until it has reached its height
signifying change
then it is time
to strain, to sift, to seperate
the light from the darkness
the haughty from the humble
the promise-keepers from the promise-makers
Mama Universe serves them up on a hot platter
baptizing them in the tomato-red blood of their victims
as a means of redemption and repentence
but first
they must be devoured
by lions of karma