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Posted by Jon, Tue Dec-27-05 07:56 PM


please read both and then vote for your favotire with their name in the subject line


BarTek will be docked 2 points for 2 days late.



Ahh shit! y'all will not believe what the bleep is happening
I looked out the window today, and I saw some people battling
It wasn't rap, nah.. don't get it twisted
They was alien's, and they was flexing green fists kid!
ahh shit!!!
So, I flipped and ran to the bassment... Lit up some green,
Sigh, the irony of that statement..
I hope they don't fuck with my spleen!
From East to West Bengal, the radio said they were vandals..
I need a Bengal Tiger from Bengladesh to fend of these mongrels..

These green alien things are messing wit tings on the planet...
Aight aight.. I'm high ... LOL ..
I'm about to die damnit!
So, guess who about to get some.. Im fucked but im not talking about pussy..
Im fearing this ray gun about to spark up like a kwik loosie..
So, what y'all doing? I know they messing with you..
It's a good thing were here together.. when our time is due..
OH shit I heard a knock, what should I do?
Then again, why would they knock, they got guns bigger than you!
Should I check the door? what y'all think?
I'm on the brink of slicing my wrists in the sink!
I got problems! then again, we all do, I didn't think about that...hmm
Fuck it.. im going to get a wooden spoon and eat those rats!
They will not take me alive! I am human!
I'll quit smoking, I'll quit drinking, I'll even turn Morman!
So, is anybody out there? please answer... I'm lonely.

okay, I'm not laughing any more.. this shit isn't really real is it?
But, im on this damn keyboard typing this crazy shieet.
Well, since you aren't replying, I'll assume you're running for life..
somebody anchor this post.. cause this shit is gonna happen only once...
classic shit, but damn.. i wish it didn't have to be so erratic...
you know the culture, we live it.. from peaceful to fucking hectic..
Oh shit.. the light bulb just went out.. i need to get outta sight..
I wish I had a bengal light to illuminate my fright..
you know that movie, like when taht chick was in the woods?
With some crazy witch chasing her?
well, i don't know what to do,
I think I'll just... wait in here.



This just in
news bulletin
To all okayplayahs:
Forces more ruthless than darth vadah and al quaidah
Are lookin to seize me and all other similar creatahs
Communicatahs, truth conveyahs, that expose perpetratahs,
Whether writers of fiction, musical masters of depiction,
Or poets with predilections for arguing stances in stanzas
Or preachah produce-ahs postin’ in The Lesson that demand tha
Proof to back up ya policy
All of us artsy-fartsy anomalies
Are being sought and destroyed
Plain-clothed armies already deployed
So we can’t protest the brain washin
Watch yo’ back and proceed with caution
I heard they already caught willi_dudat
(Looks like some of y’all already knew dat)
I’m hidin’ in a dark basement on somebody’s imac
I’m not gonna run scared, shut my mouth, and play mute
I’m a social deviant, a rebel, always rhythmically refute
Let’s regroup
Organize, strategize
And defiantly verbalize against the lies
Of the enemy
Best believe that the pen’ll be
Sharper than the sword with lyrics that penetrate
Resonate, sparkin’ debate,
The plan’s starting to take shape
Get your MP3’s, CDs, mics, OG’s grab ya tapes
We ‘bout to stop this mental rape
Before it’s even begun
Y’all get ready, I’ll give the signal, start right on the “1”
Then spit the hottest freedom freestyle from the depths of your lung
Or sing the most powerful song that has ever been sung
Recite the piece that brings peace
Forget all east, west, north, south beef
From Bengal to New York
All membahs on all boards
Unite to “rage, rage against the night”
Fight for what’s right using what we have left
Ready, set,
Go! Everyone prepared for attack
The revolution’s here
And we’re gonna BE the soundtrack