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Posted by Jon, Tue Dec-27-05 07:52 PM
TOPIC: being a teardrop
WORD: pasta


(blaksilence wins by KO. MiracleRic bowed out)



me and my daughter await the order
to crawl over the wall and fall into absolved
praying hard that we're slaughtered for a cause

cuz last night this asswhipe hit the hashpipe and killed lil Tash
with a teary laugh at Van Dyke

Damn, I'd take the bad pipe
just for a chance for my daughter to dance in the romant-ic
sad light

and die proper outta the eye of a mobster
who finds his crimes to climb cult lines
chalk out-lined his mama and papa
to the soundtrack of crying opera
he'd grab a nine and a popper and pop them
until she's lying facedown in a pile of his mama's pasta