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Posted by Jon, Thu Dec-15-05 11:33 AM
(jay fever's been KO'd)

TOPIC: --- space travel
WORD YOU MUST USE: --- cheese
note: this piece reads wonderfully to DJ Quik's "Black Mercedes" beat, which automatically plays when you click here:
{{PART 1}}

camera flash egnite
fast like gamma blast, say
cheese - milky light
splash canvas of black pupils

photo posing by solars of polar phazes
...far quazars
set sillouettes
like closer places

Starhazel Ruby 9: a-
board the cruise liner
rockin' my lunar flower top
cocktail on the viewing dock

meta heluva dime by
beta nebula Rime (lie)
snatched a diamond
from the Turantula sky: PINK

"don't listen to them. they were down below, they wouldn't know..."

{{PART 2}}

snap shooting in Lupus
touring on to Orion
Lori Arula
my new muse, pose for Hornijon

moon lights from Jupiter
wet tunes from Neptune
Coming closer
Uranus glow, but not yet, soon.

Iced out rings and
Saturn won't miss a thing ma'am
grabbin one and someone to sing
slam the thing...wait

Mars about to break
my poetry got the shakes
eff the world, Venus reveals
now: to home base