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Posted by Jon, Thu Dec-15-05 11:24 AM
HellBoy's been KO'd.

TOPIC: write from the perspective of a white child watching a group (or one) of grownup(s) whipping or beating a descendant of africans
WORD: dandruff

I can’t look away for a second
The sound of the crack of the whip on the nigga’s back beckons
The wailing, the moaning, the screams of anguish
Stir up feelings of pity I unknowingly vanquish
Ain’t this just a breed of people lower than me?
Momma says they just animals, but how can that be
Truth?/ Pastor says that god’s authority’s
Proof. Pappa says that how it oughta be.
Don’t quite understand it but they must be right
So I force myself to watch the night surrender to white.
Pieces of skin litter the earth like bloodied dandruff
Nigga know it ain’t worth throwin’ his hands up
He’s laying limp, I’m takin’ it in
But apparently the boy ain’t done payin’ for sin
The beatin’ didn’t satiate, it only enraged
Contorted faces salivate, spewing out hate
“String that nigga up!” “Make that nigga pay!”
and I could feel all my innocence slippin’ away
right before my curious eyes, the deed was done
I could hear the nigga’s last breath exit his lung
Momma saw I looked troubled so she grabbed my hand
Reminded me that the nigga wasn’t even a man
“Nigga” over and over like the beat of a drum
while hypnotized as the body slowly swung
Impeccable was their instruction, reasoning and deduction
My brain’s washed, now I’m completely sucked in
The score’s: one for white folks, nigga’s got none
“how to be a racist 101” with more to come