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Posted by Jon, Wed Dec-14-05 09:58 AM
TOPIC: being unconscious-right before, during, and right after sleep
WORD: guitar
(read both, then vote with the name of your pick IN THE SUBJECT LINE)

(also, muddywaters JUST offered to fill in, so he was only given a day to produce...meaning even though this match is late, no points are being deducted from anyone)


yo i write rhymes in darkness, pen spills on parchment/
sleepwalkin thru mental battlefields playin guitar kid/
pickin up pads like dads in cvs/
proceedin to inscript all these words i manifest/
concepts for songs planned out in counsciousness/
but when i'm dead to the world is when God wanna bless/
knowledge...with the words Satan wish he coulda defeated/
no thoughts needed, warnings is bound to go unheeded/
my flow speedeth off to galaxies unknown/
while u catch z's, my inner monologue is never dial tone/
travelin inside my mind, unaware of time's design/
slippin away and losin it before i finish the rhyme/

thoughts were paralyzed as the energy was drained
sometimes, itís too hard to maintain or sustain
didnít notice the pencil had slip from my grasp
itís not helping that i'm sittin in this boring ass class
knowledge? more like nyquil on the brain
did i mention that the bus drove us here through the rain
apparently, all the elements converged at sleepís place
and arranged for ms. desk to blind date my face
you know the feelin, tryin to take notes of teachers quotes
get back to the lab and canít read what you wrote
or she callin out your name, you canít repeat what she spoke
sandman tied that noose in the rope thereís no hope
time slows like turntables losing power
a minute turns into a hour
when you watchin the clock
sleep pointed the glock and then shot
in the operating room consciousness had lost
seein weird shit that no man comprehends
is usually the way when visiting slumberland
abraham lincoln built great walls in japan
as dissected frogs two-step with fractians
obviously, what was being taught was caught
by my mindís net and then tossed
like salad in bowls, then let loose without control
now mona lisa, stole my visa, to buy reefa
imagine, a world where anything can happen
egar allen poe had crows that he hoeíd
i bought one cause i never tried that befoe
unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants
and awoke to find out i had my dick in my hand
wouldíve been embarrassed except for that
the place i always sat in the class was in the back
still a little dazed so iím sure there were stars
above my head like when el cabong clocks cats with his guitar
3 more minutes before itís time to go
probably borrow notes later when i hook up with roscoe