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Topic subjectnah i wasn't arguing with you or anything
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17972, nah i wasn't arguing with you or anything
Posted by Jon, Tue Dec-13-05 09:36 PM
i'm not ToeJam either. i haven't posted yet, because i was trying to give my opponent a chance to submit, but the wait is getting out of hand now.

>"well vote on what we like??" you implying im telling you not

nah dude. i was merely encouraging you to look at each piece for what it is, check out what you like about it ("ooo thats some cool imagery" or "man i like that rhyme scheme" or "that is so touching")...and then tell us which one you enjoyed reading more.

>im just explaining my absence cause it would seem weird
>for me to vote on one and not the rest- and cause i always try
>to step in and support battles and tourneys and i didnt want
>to be seen as sleeping on this one. if people feel more
>comfortable voting on poetry than i do go ahead its just not
>for me

oh no by all means vote on anything you like, even if it's just one match. or even if it's all but one match. definitely enjoy the tourney in your way you know? and this isn't just "poetry" like i said. you'll find a lot of heads are gonna be writing stuff i believe is meant to be spit (i've seen a bunch that haven't been posted yet).