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Topic subjectRE: it's easy
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17969, RE: it's easy
Posted by hdub, Tue Dec-13-05 06:41 PM
obviously anything can be subjectives but in rhyming the elements are more defined-

which made me bob my head more? (flow)

which made me laugh more? (or was more intelligent/creative)

better rhyming? (more complexity less stuff ive seen)

with a poem to me its not as simple as which do i prefer different poems do different things and can made through completely different elements

how are you hating? i dont mean hate in terms of unjustified criticism directly but you simply consistently come at me with unnecessary negativity- dont be mad you got a lot of company- i expressed my opinion and then even reiterated it and you in here trying to argue and back and forth- thats all i got to say on this feel free to disagree