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17967, RE: it's easy
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Dec-13-05 06:16 PM
>i know how to make comparisons but in poetry there are so
>many different elements you cant always say something is
>better unless something just outright sucks

the same could be said for rhyming/battle verses

to me, flow is very important, to someone else... punchlines mean everything, u weigh the different elements...the elements of comparison in poetry are similar to those in other verses...flow/voice, imagery, emotive effect, alliteration, its like comparing females, or anything, exhibit A is better at this but Exhibit B was great at this, and whichever "this" u value more is probably gonna be ur winner, choosing women can be hard because they are people (people are so multi-faceted), but ive done it, u saying it doesnt feel right just sounds moreso lazy or indecisive rather then it actually being "unnatural"...people judge slam competitions all the time

>its obvious apples are sweeter than oranges but sometimes im
>in the mood for orange juice and sometimes its apple

i think oranges are sweeter, but we dont have to agree

>with rhymes its a style of writing where theres defined
>elements and it lends itself to voting

how is poetry different, if u dont like poetry fine, but if something stands out about a poem moreso then another, then...i dunno, just b/c u vote certain way doesnt make one poem any less then the other

>anyways only reason i said that is cause normally i try to
>vote on everything cause i think its whack to expect feedback
>and criticism on here without giving nothing back

i dont have much to say here is not offering anything, if u can comment on poetry u can make an observation on which poem u would prefer to read/hear

>funny how i cant say shit on here without certain people
>you continuallyh blow up your own spots

how is this hate, if i came at u like...

"ur dumb as shit for not being able to compare poetry or knowing that oranges are sweeter then oranges"

that's hating, im just informing you that generally, anything can be compared, in each comparison, there is usually a preference unless they are exactly alike...its not rocket science at all and this has nothing to do with hate, if jesus himself was like "i dont know how to compare poetry"

id be like "jesus, just pick the one that stood out"

who was more creative?
were there any lines that stood out to you?
which could u relate more to?
which flowed better?
was it creative?
any wordplay? humor? alliteration? imagery?

and if one stands out for more of these aspects...then guess what, u just picked which one u would vote for at the moment