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Posted by Jon, Tue Dec-13-05 10:57 AM
TOPIC: nichtophobia (fear of the dark)
WORD: vinyl

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MiracleRic will be deducted 2 votes, for being 2 days late.


Title: "dusk upon my lips"

the cold of night burns

fiery whispers of lost love extinguishes candles

we wax and wane…old flames on vinyl

audio-visual sunlight

your goodbye kiss…was dusk upon my lips

night creeps closely along its misty trail

of doubt that day may return...

blissful memories of moonlight

barely eclipse the panic

of lunar loneliness

those pale tendrils of hope

are fatally beautiful...

darkness is the death of our love

nocturnal sirens sing the eulogy

sunset-hued hearses carry our dawn-colored caskets

carried by undead pall bearers…

my flesh pushes up flowers of faith

panic sweat and tears serve as dew

desperate demons claw through straightjackets

dread is far too tolerable

a description of this disorder

the nightlight of your voice is therapeutic

the unknown doesn’t exist in your embrace



America has monsters in the closet
that are constantly evolving
A battle with its shadow with the arguments revolving

We live our lives like prison
never quite risen
when attacked we adapt, s’how we tapped night vision

see, that light hitting…?

we absorb it
so when in orbit
we’re planning in the dark just like yr Lord did
for something as pure as darkness I’m hesitant to find
cuz it predates the big bang AND intelligent design

they telling you be blind
only look at the bright side
ignore the darkness
when it’s what we should start with
and learn to harness
see this history’s heartless
they love to see us struggling
asleep on a park bench
made from the trees we hung from
another conundrum
roaming the gloaming ‘til the sun’s done
soaking in us and the heat is captured
taking their wrath and creating our rapture
Darker than the vinyl that records our attack words
Darker than the message when you play that shit backwards

Our country ain’t just nichtophobic, they niggaphobic
scared of the past, not daring to ask
rather the dark be jettison,
make you wish Thomas Edison never let us in
on his invention, I’ve just been in the darkroom
developing a plan
on how to get the darkness enveloping the land
and finally evolve from this brutal mind state
you’ll see my point when you let your pupils dilate