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Posted by Jon, Mon Dec-12-05 03:39 PM
TOPIC: alien abduction
WORD: snow
(read both, then vote by naming your pick in the subject line)

Auriz Deep:

Seduced by an Alien
I woke up in the middle of the night
Dozed off after tryin ta correct what's already right
So to my delight, I see my woman in the finest of secreehhhhts
Then I look again, why she look so freakehhh?
She musta caught me peekeeehhhnnn, cuz now she just keepeeehhhnnn
Zappin me with a laser beam, fryin my insides with a tazer screen
But she look so sexeeehhhh, when her upper scales are bluish green
And all of a sudden, she musta gotten really wise
Cuz she's got that artificial intelligence in her eyes
She's bright as the snow outside, and in her mental guise
She whispers, "(we) |Come| Follow Me, Baby (in peace)"
So I took the hint, and let myself at ease
And all of a sudden, it feel like a dream
She anti-alcoholic, but she so hypnotic
And while actin all erotic she's tellin me her scheme
She's got ambitions, said she's gonna take over the world
It's the reason why she deserves so many pearls
And let that NASA flag unfurl...
An astronaut? Oh you not? From this nation of ours?
A foreign alien? So you recieved your powers?
From hours of trainin at GAMMA Delta Phive?
Sorry I don't remember, I can't keep it alphabetized...



~Alien Abducting~
Cold blue steel
Sleek shark beauty feel
Deadly still my body reels
My disoriented filter-less eyes
Stark contrast
Unearthly atmosphere
Silence framed by sharpened howls
My own
Coarse paranoia patronizing my sense
My tongue turned inward
Fear tasted my flesh
Licking my torn vocal cords
Soothing memories of distant whispers
I am human
I am
I think
I am going to drown in my
Now awake
Resplendent Shining
Warmth enveloping erect sex I am
Clothed by unseen flesh
Ohhh paaassssioonnnateee releaseee!!!
My monster dick begins to feast
Eating the air with angry gulps
I scream into the yeast
More! more you fucking whore!!!
The substance of my fury is birthed
Splendid white semen invades the tested air above me
Taking shape above me
A pool of my giving
Suspended above me
Turning Red
Searing the pulp from my loins
Tearing life from my growth
I cannot give anymore
I am drying from within
What is happening
To me!
Precious oxygen
Encapsulate my flesh
Mould the teeth of my passing reverence
I am hourly drowning in black powder
Ohhh sweet death!!!
Please shape my spine with your blade
I cannot swallow, nor spit
My lungs, contracting and expanding too quickly
This is unnatural!!!
I have no control, I am to endure
The explosion of my gentle flesh
Burning mash fattens my arteries
Bones shaven, my marrow fused with hissing gas
Panic setting paradise ablaze
What is happening
To meeeeeeee!!!!
I am Human
I Think
My body whole
Eyes open
A figure still
"We Only Wish For You To Understand"
Understand what you fucking lunatics!!!!
Where the fuck am I?
What the fuck are you doing to me?!!!
Why is my blood speaking?
Still lips command
My loved ones take form before me
Torrent nightmares seep into the cracks of my consciousness
I begin to violate
Each thought is a lethal act of righteous indignation
An unleashing of hidden rage sourced by my now screaming blood
Tearing away bits of flesh and hair in my greedy fists
Stuffing my stomach
Biting on my elbow as my deepened arm fills me to the brim
Pushing scattered remains into my asshole
Trying to conceal what I have done
I am..
But Am I? Human?
I am alien disposition
I have abducted the very soul
I m alien
I understand
I am
Large black eyes
Piercing intelligence
Shimmering in the depths are
Calculated angles
Cascading triangles and squares
Spinning octagons
Within this iris
Beautiful black snow
Measuring my decent to Earth

I understand

I am Human
I am Vanity
I am Lust
I am War

Forged to Digest My very own Humanity
My Greed
My Lust
My War

I understand
I am snow
Freezing the warmth
Killing the born
I am Alien

Abducting Humanity

Lost in Space and Time

Find me...