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Posted by Jon, Mon Dec-12-05 01:03 AM
TOPIC: squealing glocks
WORD: flower(s)
(read both, then reply with your vote in the subject line)


The stench of the mortally wounded, sprayed in my alley way
duel til the death, lead breaks the flesh, a cruel policy
the promise of engineered defeat, heat's oddyssey
ya heat, the source of fear and success on these streets
the tools you use to pluck them grass blades from ya cleats
in the summer the sun's down, school's out, tools out
elders protect da children, bid over, fools out
thread of lead unraveled til the spools out of material
the killings ain't serial, it's war, it's more spiritual
The Devil adopts the scared, an evil deed's a demon's miracle
trust invested into nine millimeters piercing ya ear lobes
squeeling glocks, spilling warm shells on the block
the sealing of 80's rock dealers last breaths at the top
the prophets, the Harry Potters, downed in goblets of fire
these kids, the flowers, the gifted, who never made it through thewire
sifted, respected, the sect that never settled for second
soldiers that quit dabbling in crack and peddled blessings



okay quick scenario, given the common tale,
that the fate of ghetto children is death and/or jail;
the story i tell, we know too well,
but hell's bells chime,
death arrives with the whine of a flat line:
the names change but the report remains the same,
its fair game that aimed flame maims ya frame;
brought to abrupt halt, suffered aggy assault,
from an onslaught of squealin glocks set off by default:
the un-named owed us and failed to pay the debt,
thought it swept under rug, but none done so yet;
how soon some fo'get but there's only one atonement,
for blatant disrespect, the neglect and postponement:
matter of time 'fore the goons caught on,
unmarked cars sent shots rocket powered like von braun;
now dude's moms gotta make paul bearer assignments,
flower alignments, newly entwined in consignment: