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Topic subjectanybody have any suggestions?
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17926, anybody have any suggestions?
Posted by Jon, Tue Dec-13-05 01:03 AM
about 40% of the "participants" have yet to ummm...participate.

the rest of you have already sent me your verses. i've been holding onto them, waiting for your opponent to give me something, but now we're 24 hours BEYOND the weekend, and some of you might feel jipped if your opponent gets to arrive late and still have just as much of a shot as you at moving to the next round.

but, at the same time, a lot of us still want to see what they write as well, and don't want to scare off participation in what has the potential to be a great goldmine of inspiring work.

so here's a few of my ideas, please give me feedback and what you think:

1. we continue to wait it out and deduct a vote or 2 from the late members once they submit

2. we assume they AREN'T participating and cut if down to those of us who have already submitted, which would lead to one of 2 options
2a. i then just post everyone's verses just for show and general feedback and we try again with new pairings and topics
2b. we match people up who have posted but with their diff verses and topics, and the voters will have to compare apples and oranges (aka "who did their topic the best, even though they didn't have the same topic")

3. last option i can think of right now at 12:09 am tonight is we just keep waiting and DON'T dock any points, thus encouraging the slow-pokes to still participate, since this is all for fun and good times anyway

what do you folks think? any other suggestions? its late and i'm new at this stuff.