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Topic subjectKing O' Da Ring Tourney IV (Round 6 - Final)
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17884, King O' Da Ring Tourney IV (Round 6 - Final)
Posted by KnowOne, Tue Dec-20-05 09:04 PM
Biohazard :
Checkmate! I corner kings, leave Lif in a neck brace/
Quick to grab a lord and ram a sword through his chestplate/
A chess game, you're a queen but you're still powerless/
I spit, instill cowardice, see you wet ya flowered dress/
Bombard the castle, retarded assholes get murked tonight/
You're the first to die, the whole kingdom hear your mercy cries/
I fertilize your words, or just shit on your verse/
Show up at the funeral and spit on your hearse/
Closed casket, can't face the facts: your flow's tragic/
Lif claimin' he ill, Well I spit prophylactics/
Turn the throne to ashes, you get your crown taken/
I pound basements, rhymes rock the foundation/
Leave the ground shaken, everything you spit is a naturally disastrous/
Pitiless, beat the shit out you then shatter your glasses/
Biohazardous, spew mephitic infections/
Bring down kings, prepare for the insurrection/
Rhymes penetrate your vitals, leave you oozin' bile/
Ain't ironic that YOU'RE the one that's soundin' juvenile/
Bruise your style, this letter's addressed to Mrs. Lif/
I'mma write your fam and send 'em your head as a Christmas gift

Prolif :
(audio link)


....tha clocks up faggit, and u bet i flow last/
and if u above average than this must be the slow class/
came to lay ya down, i had to box again/
and u aint grabbing for tha crown, just for oxygen/
that boy Lif push lines out/
and i'ont battle 'gainst Nickolodean kids, yo i put'm in time out/
Mini Me's sent straight to confinement/
leave ya scripts bleeding red marks like ya graded assignments/
cuz Prolif, u not able to rhyme wit/
and dawg, I leave u coughing up, like i just gave u the Heimlich/
Lif defined stable, leave u victim of crime fables/
i'm trying to do rhyme labels, u studying time tables/
so get ya numbers caught up, cuz i think u otta order/
and u so sweet, that ya parents think they had a daughter/
but nuthin sweet here - eat ya vegetables yo/
this aint no ABC afterschool specialty show/
it's more than words and it's food for thought, tha boy serve/
eating this dude, but i can't full off of hor'doeuvres/
"Lif Tha Great" lil rookie, wit no blemish or smear/
u sealed ya fate lil Tookie, aint no clemency here/
u keep my name in ya mouf just to move ya verse B/
all them fags in San Fran must've moved to Berk-ley/
but Prolif said 'keep ya mouf covered like ya lips bled'/
"i brought u in this world, and i'll take u out" just like Cliff said!/