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Topic subjectRE: Shakeet Lokh Em vs Biohazard
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17863, RE: Shakeet Lokh Em vs Biohazard
Posted by the_best_part, Wed Dec-14-05 10:05 AM
i wasnt gonna vote on this because its obvious to me that the integrity of this competition had been largely compromised. i've just been waiting, hoping somebody would make a statement.

these verses are tied up, imo. actually felt sha had a slight edge but my oh my, what a killer from bio. its almost, unbelievable!

however, nothing against bio, nothing personal.
sha has been more consistant. sha has shown and proven to be a better contendor thru out the process of this tourney. and it is my unslanted opinion that sha deserves to battle it out for the title.

i cant be the only one that's noticed this, and feels this way. but rules are rules, right. so on with the battle.

oh, and i have a built in defense for accusations of being a hater or dick riding or whatever. I DONT CARE. whats real is real and even if you wont admit it, you know its real.