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17862, Sha
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Dec-13-05 06:41 PM
yall are some inconsistent voters yo, lol, one day all that matters is "direct" punches but then 2 or 3 rounds later yall on some...other dude's was more raw but thats the nature of the game...that being said...

I wasnt especially impressed by either, i dont see the fuss on this battle at all...this tourney has fizzled after like round 2...here are the highlights of this round


>Canít rhyme with gravel in your mouth, youngun I script
>Matta fact, Iíma write this rhyme on your skin shavins//
>I been raisin/ spit mavens/ give this kid a strict hazin//
>Get your head split in two like a BIpolar schiz patient//
>Sha rhymes come off blazin/ like a Hades arsonís heat//
>Bio grounded in his room beatin off to Dawsonís Creek//
>Your tonsils peaked/ when you first left the placenta//
>Doctor looked at your face and said God took an adventure//

no offense sha, but u had a ton of wack shit in your verse, this highlighted portion is all that i felt at all, i guess thats why other votes went the other way, i think this section was hotter then anything your comp came up with however, so its why i still give u the win, u guys shouldnt depend on personal info on each other, sometimes u just gotta flow ill to win, stop using the same crutch (punches) everyone else depends on


>Try again, see the shattered remains after I clove the post/
>Sha got half the boards comatose on wack rhyme overdose!/
>Stop there! Youíre just hurtiní yourself, like a masochist/
>My skill is past this shit, right now, Iím on the path to

this was the only thing that even stood out to me yo, u had a ton of super-cliche ish in your verse that i think ruined ya verse, i think u ended stronger and that may have got u so many votes but other than that...i dont see what the fuss is about, i think u rode ya wave of fortune further then u should've but it looks like u got this wrapped up, but unless u makes leaps and bounds, settle for 2nd place, cause even "on the path to lif" sounds like your final destination fam

now before i get the random "u hater" comments...i keep it real as always, but this was a crapfest