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Topic subjectShakeet Lokh Em vs Biohazard
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17852, Shakeet Lokh Em vs Biohazard
Posted by Prolif, Fri Dec-09-05 05:01 PM

Shakeet spark like some Dutches/ Bio spark like a Duchess//
I’m the monster of this midway while you Dick and But Kiss//
Luck is/ how you advanced to this round with that side talk//
Sit down with that garbage, I grate your face with the sidewalk//
Can’t rhyme with gravel in your mouth, youngun I script pages//
Matta fact, I’ma write this rhyme on your skin shavins//
I been raisin/ spit mavens/ give this kid a strict hazin//
Get your head split in two like a BIpolar schiz patient//
Sha rhymes come off blazin/ like a Hades arson’s heat//
Bio grounded in his room beatin off to Dawson’s Creek//
Your tonsils peaked/ when you first left the placenta//
Doctor looked at your face and said God took an adventure//
They brown bagged your head, try to kill the drama root//
You got a Great Dame for a mother, they call that ho Mama Duke//
Fakin an L.A. style, dummy you livin in Berkeley//
Instead of improvin your wordplay, you improvin your curtsy//
You featherweight writin weak, blow in the wind like toupees//
Bi Sprint to the Next Telly cuz he go “two ways”//
Fake Crip with your blue colors, rappin, tryna to be nice//
The only blue you wear is a handicap sign: “Unable to rock mics”//
You ain’t efficient/ or sufficient/ to spit leadin editions//
Back up youngun I got that flu flow, call the pediatrician//
Tell ‘em this 9th grader underachievin like cancer research//
Aiiyo you need to find your skill, sound the amber alert//


See this cat with the bastard cadence? I’ll smash his face in/
You think you a goliath, Sha? Feel the wrath of David/
Assasination, hit foes with sick flows, disease sprayin’/
Sha beggin’ for life, got him on his knees prayin’/
Holy Moses! Like scoliosis I bend your spinal/
Y’all are mad ‘cause a 14-year-old made it to the semifinals!/
Defend your title! I come with that shit to split your bones, spit sticks and stones/
Sha get dethroned, next to last, take ex-lax to fix your flows/
Rappin’ poetry… Shit, this cat does nothing right/
Sha crushed in fights, combust, ignite! Bitch, don’t even touch the mic!/
Clutchin’ tight to your crutches, I fight the wack and strive for justice/
Took the oath of emcee celibacy: never been fucked with/
Eruption, feel the burst of heat, step to the frying pan/
Call the firemen! Bitch, I crush leviathans/
Try again, see the shattered remains after I clove the post/
Sha got half the boards comatose on wack rhyme overdose!/
Stop there! You’re just hurtin’ yourself, like a masochist/
My skill is past this shit, right now, I’m on the path to Lif/
Ralph Dixon Junior, no chance, I’m title snatchin’!/
This cat likes Dix on Juniors like he was Michael Jackson


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym