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Topic subjectWhateva vs Shakeet Lokh Em
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17829, Whateva vs Shakeet Lokh Em
Posted by Prolif, Thu Dec-01-05 08:43 PM

Shakeet, this is board guerilla war, Not battles I fought before
A brigade of schemes and bar stanzas deployed to Baltimore
no need to evacuate, this tragedy has no ends
I'm deceasing you, immediate family, and close friends
Your wife and children, nieces and uncles, second cousins
Despite the Grade A screams, life is "Cheaper by the Dozen"
This snitch should be thinkin "..relocation", if he already wasn't
already stumbling, his blood drippin from the slightest misstep
I changed his name to "Shouldquit" and "Quietly slept."
My diet is highly overrated emcees such as ya self
Release the crack pipe and brush that angel dust off ya shelf
ya stock is rock bottom ahk you should reassess ya wealth
readress ya self before you leak them whack ass vocals
you testin a Philly thoroughbred, not them weak ass lo-cals
so-to be sure, Sha, I hate to make B-more my point's fo-cal
But I must deflate the gas out ya head before I choke you
I'm modestly boastful, to protect ya hopes of suceeding
Then reduce your ambition down to hopes of not bleeding
Shakeet keep skeetin yaself off in the mirror
you jerk off, I perfectly merc jerks off without error
you forgettin to check ya hearing, adhere to the bare truth
This ain't hate, I'm just disgusted by what ya parents produced
And I refuse to stop until your "will to defend" is reduced
so you understand and respect the significance of a truce....

Whateva the pace setter

Shakeet Lokh Em:

Your name suit ya/ Father Goose seat your rhymes in a booster//
Aesop/ slay not/ your more puss than some sutures//
Douche up/ make you pee your sheets like Huey did the Ku Klux//
Bring your team to Shakeet and get your whole Crew Cut//
I Fade your words to oblivion, they too simple for paper//
Compared to me you donít Shape Up, so your Temple get Tapered//
The first shotís a warnin, your head burn like idle joints//
Try to rhyme again and get decapitated with Sleepy Hollow Points//
Take Kanye to the next level, Shakeet make your jaw useless//
Too scared to keep your Cast Strate, you got less balls the eunuchs//
Iím Godís son, so Donít Body Ya Self, ainít no need for the hearse//
Captain Kangaroo nigga putting a smiley face in his verse//
Thereís swag/ and then thereís fag/ the two ainít the same yo//
Pull this dude battle rap up and instead Iím Reading Rainbows//
The cats who look for Mary Kay rap, they look for Whatneva//
While Sha words scrunch niggas face like they smelled butt cheddar//
I donate to lyric banks, you first in line cuz of your sterile flowin//
Itís detrimental to the board, Sha end your run like Terrell Owens//
Your mind ainít claustrophobic, negga you donít think out the box//
But Shakeet the box cutter that get P. Diddy with the locks//
And when it go down/ for the flow sound/ or a written thatís profound//
Iím a pro at every subject, and not just a ďpronounĒ//
You just another rapper with more crab to him than hilly cunts//
My Baltimore words are Ginsu, this cat from Philly blunt//


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym