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Topic subjectMy verse is in...
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17824, My verse is in...
Posted by Whateva, Wed Nov-30-05 11:34 AM
I thought the last round was successful so I'm doing another preview:

"I don't rap as much as Shakeet Lohk em because I don't have the time
but when I do I transform like I was Optimus Prime"

I know, I know, I shouldn't show my hand early, but this is on another level. I don't think Shakeet could reach there even if he tried. I mean, come on..."Transform like I was Optimus Prime"?. Completely insane!! I sat up all night trying to piece that line together. When I finally connected "time" and "Prime", I almost hit the roof. It was well worth it. Pleeeease don't steal this verse people. Please...