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Topic subjectRE: nice to meet ya girl!--Dido!
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17774, RE: nice to meet ya girl!--Dido!
Posted by revalation, Mon Nov-14-05 05:21 PM
much love...I'm a Cappy and Sade and I share the 16th as our bdays....Traaa Laa Laa wish I could sing like her since I am hooked on the mic like she is.

Isn't it wonderful raising a son?....My son is a hunk of a child (he fits in my tennis shoes!) and is bound to be a great man...I love the youth!!

...Being an outlet for this type of poetry is challenging and I appreciate the kindness and uplifting welcome.

I"m becoming a Okay Addict out in the middle of the pacific looking to reach out to other creative people. This is a great thing!


umm.....umm...tasty beauty.....plump with life...thick with breath...soft caress....in you wisdom I delight....