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Posted by newolf, Fri Nov-11-05 12:35 AM

We are all of out misdecisions and misjudgements:
Jumble and junk discarded and used
Down for the count and abused.
Indecised into adulthood
Forced in like my birthright
To give life.

To take life.

We are one in the same,
They shout,
destined to hell for our mistakes,

We are misjudgements.

We are unfit to live,
Says the young boy, scared in the shadow of his father,
A baby holding pictures of babies that never breathed.

We are hit by pickets,
damned before our life began.

We denied the right to life before We ever gave
before conception ever occurred in our wombs
for the wrongs never commited

We are all the same.

We are defined as faceless babies cast aside.

there is a story behind this piece. a few weeks ago, myself and most of the greek women on my campus were acousted outside our homes by pro-life protestors. we were being accused and abused for an act that the majority of us never committed.
i was also told that i was going to go to hell for getting an education, that was fun.