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Posted by newolf, Fri Nov-11-05 12:32 AM
aka: Nora E. Wolf
age: 20
background: i've been around on and off since 1999 when I was 14, orginally as the artist known as wolfie. my writing has been influenced by my upbringing and my education at boarding school and now at college.
i'm a history major and an art history minor, i've begun to dabble in french and i work as an interning curator. right now i'm working with 19th century silhouettes and mourning paintings. i love soul music and hip-hop, photography, history, art, europe, literature, freshman orientation, the honor code, and, of course, poetry.
i've been influenced heavily over the years by the wonderful artists on this board. i've been a bit of a ghost lately, but i love this collab so i've returned!
glad to see everything is alive and kicking.