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17755, hisessence
Posted by robynwildchild, Sun Nov-06-05 10:48 PM
i just
want to know
the finest sense of security
you with me
walking briskly
to get in my car

i go to sleep with him in my dreams
and wake
to find reality sewing its seams
to life
pinocchio doesn't lie to me at night
when he falls
asleep on my sheets
i get the sense
of how nice it is
to be
with him
the way the invisible forces mix we blend
i just want to know
i'm dying to know
if what i feel is real enough to show
feeling broken

i can't stop thinking
i don't know how i'm functioning
my mind
wants to open his door
and crawl inside
i can't stop feeling this way

i like him
that's why
emotional controversy paves the way
and pumping around like pigs on parade
future terms radiate delay
a happy smile
seconds a patient way
mental inmates behind cell walls wait
i want positive moments concise do make

i want a future
i see it
walk towards it
and imagine
it walking my way