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17754, Robyn
Posted by robynwildchild, Sun Nov-06-05 10:30 PM
Name: Robyn

Location: south philadelphia
Age: 28
Website/audios/pics: www.myspace.com/robynwildchild
Body: 5 7, 150 blonde
Personal Info: White girl. free flow writing, rambling, daily thought documentary. many on board have told me that i capture feelings.

i'm a cancer. i was inspired to write out of depression as a child, later developed into poetry (due to depression agian) via my first love. i've learned through my writings here that poetry doesn't have to be soul crushing but sometimes the best pieces of poetry that i've written are. i love my friends, bar hopping, boys. i'm in search of experiencing life in its myriad directions. and i'm constantly crushing my way through life. i learn hard play hard work hard and sometimes i often feel hard. if life wasn't so busy and full of shit, i'd fall in love on a daily basis. but alas, no time for that.

to all that have come to read me, i thank you. your comments and praise have helped me.