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17736, gurl!
Posted by Ezzsential, Sat Nov-12-05 02:34 PM
this peice was truly genuine and sent a great message
it truly hit me and pinpointed EXACTLY how i feel or have felt!
specially these parts:

>Logical Answers -- Not Always The Lord's Way
>Bad Things Happen To Good People
>Why???? We Say!
>Answers Are Written In The "Book Of Life"
>Its A Puzzle To Read ~ And Can Cause Mental Strife
>But Seek Not Religion, For Religion Sake
>Seek A Relationship

>Remove The Blindfolds Of Deception
>Lament/Repent For Your Rejection
>In Creating Your Own Reality
>You’ve Excluded “HIM” In Totality
>Acknowledging Only When In “Deep Shit”
>And The More U Dig, The Deeper It Gits
>‘THEN’ -- When U Can’t Handle Shit ~ U Look 4 Hope
>Hanging On The End Of Yo Rope
>Scope The Reality Your Actions Sends
>What The Hell Happened To All Your Friends??

>Since U Never Wanted To See The Truth
>U Created Your Own Reality
>And Excluded “HIM” In Totality
>But The Man Upstairs Still Cares
>And “He’ll Alwayz Be There
>So Just Remember that! -- :)

aww thats so true! ima write a peice about somethibg that i experienced about that, thanks!

- I write battle verses to Mariah Carey songs...
This is a great website to discuss spirituality/religion, philosophies, and post poems:www.aware-discussion.net