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Topic subjectHoly Flow --
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17732, Holy Flow --
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Mon Nov-07-05 09:12 PM
The controversy is: This ain't about RELIGION -- It's about ~Spirituality~ -- AND THERE "IS" A DIFFERENCE!

Baptized in the Holy Flow
With Wisdom Only Angels Know
Writing Fast But Thinking Slow
I Aim to Grow
Mentally My Mind Is Strong
I Know The Dif ‘Tween Right & Wrong
Exercise My Body & Treat It Right
Get At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep At Night
But Lacking Is *Spirituality*
As Humans We Consist Of Three
Mental, Physical, & Spiritual
So Why Do We Neglect The Last?
Is It Cuz We Move Too Fast??
Ain’t Got Time To Pray Or Meditate
Hearts Filled With Passion
Or Too Much Hate
Going No-Where Fast
And Can’t Be Late!
Logical Answers -- Not Always The Lord's Way
Bad Things Happen To Good People
Why???? We Say!
Answers Are Written In The "Book Of Life"
Its A Puzzle To Read ~ And Can Cause Mental Strife
But Seek Not Religion, For Religion Sake
Seek A Relationship
Dip In The Lake
Of Knowledge
Remove The Blindfolds Of Deception
Lament/Repent For Your Rejection
In Creating Your Own Reality
You’ve Excluded “HIM” In Totality
Acknowledging Only When In “Deep Shit”
And The More U Dig, The Deeper It Gits
‘THEN’ -- When U Can’t Handle Shit ~ U Look 4 Hope
Hanging On The End Of Yo Rope
Scope The Reality Your Actions Sends
What The Hell Happened To All Your Friends??
You’re Never Knowing What Each Day Will Bring
But It's Part Of “The BIG Man’s” Plan To Release A Ring
Of Knowledge Around This Insane World
Gathering His Children
To Watch Truths Unfurl
Remove The Blindfolds Of Deception
Repent For Your Rejection
Since U Never Wanted To See The Truth
U Created Your Own Reality
And Excluded “HIM” In Totality
But The Man Upstairs Still Cares
And “He’ll Alwayz Be There
So Just Remember that! -- :)