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Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Mon Nov-07-05 11:08 AM
Name: Ginger Riddock
Location: San Antonio, TX
Age: 30 -- (Just had a birthday on Oct. 21st)
Website/audios/pics: Audios -- (SEE BELOW) -- Pics -- (SEE ARCHIVES)
Personal Info: (ethnicity, writing style, favorite things,Who or what inspired you to write, etc)

African American Female -- Writing style/somewhat abstract -- (rhyming cadence thru~out) -- Favorite Things: Harmony -- Pistachio & Butter Pecan Ice Cream -- The smell of fresh pumped gas -- Fresh cut grass -- tar burning -- (yeah I'm weird, so what??!?!) -- :P -- Top Shelf Margaritas -- Harley Davidson Motorcycles & HD T~shirts & stuff -- Collecting: Angels, Elephants, Lions, frogs, teddy bears, etc.

Inspiration to write: LIFE