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Topic subjectMy first time... I hope y'all like it.
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17728, My first time... I hope y'all like it.
Posted by daniemuse, Sun Nov-06-05 11:59 PM
Name: Danielle Scott
Age: 24
Location: Boston, MA

I grew up mostly in NJ, but came to Boston because of college. My majors were Music Production & Engineering and Music Synthesis. Yeah, I am a tech geek, but I was a poet first, then a musician. I wrote my first rhyme at age 15 and haven't stopped since... I do sing more than I rhyme, but I love the freedom of rhyming. Music (esp. Hip Hop and Soul) is my love and passion in life. Nothing makes me happier. Anyway, enough about me... on with the poetry.
This piece is untitled. It's about church controversy. It orignally started out as a rhyme, but then morphed into something else. Here it goes:

Perpetraters, truth haters, political debaters
Looking for the majority favor to keep you in 'gaters.
Compromising, lying, defying the laws of doctrine
droppin' the loot, blockin' the truth, rottin' the fruit
choppin' the root of God's vine
You're blind swine with no spine takin' and rapin' the heart and the mind
Enroaching upon God's time, incurring heavy heavenly fines,
commiting serious spiritual crimes
of idolatry, bribery and extortion to gain fortune
accused of truth distortion and also freedom's abortion
repeated offenses of false pretenses
set up the gucci and colored contact lenses
woe to those who believe in the front and rely on weak defenses
for they won't be able to stand when the TRUE spirit comes against it
reaping what you don't sow
preaching what you don't know
leeching off those who be seeking, beseeching the throne of God
feasting off the anointed, disappointed that yours is a fraud
just a a facade of idle titles and unused bibles
pimping your degree in psychology as biblical theology
for all the blood on your hands, there is no acceptable apology

masquarading, parading, staging the waving of "holy" hands
when you can't even stand in the face of the sun of man
you don't understand
yet content with the stench of the detriment when you falsely represent
pretending to be pure but empty when living waters are so plenty
satisfied to be disguised by lies we hide in shade
absorbing God's rays
not reflecting light, rejecting right, respecting the night neglecting the fight
unsuspecting of plight we have all lost sight
of future vision as we continue to make blind decisions
still in engaging in spiritual masterbation due to intimidation
of the Word's ejaculation
settling instead for artificial insemination
'cuz intercourse without protection gives birth to the resurrection
direction, correction, and perfection
yet we perpetrate in this crooked election of the corrupt
those who "only wash the outside of the cup"
but inside are full of filth
yet holding us with leashes of guilt
pimping their degrees in psychology as biblical theology
for all the blood on their hands there is no acceptable apology.