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17727, ezzsential intro
Posted by Ezzsential, Sat Nov-05-05 02:58 PM
Name: Stephanie Elizabeth Avis
Location: Massachusetts
Age: 25
Website/audios/pics: 4 pages dedicated to thoughts and poems: www.webspawner.com/users/delicateaurasoul4/index.html

Personal Info: (ethnicity, writing style, favorite things,Who or what inspired you to write, etc)

im italian, german, irish- a mutt
i love to write poems using alot of metaphors & vivid imagery, i love to battle-cuz it's fun!
My favorite things to do is make music, travel, and go to concerts/shows, spend time with my son Seneca (8-years-old)
and it will be raising my daughter (due January 5th 2006!)

I started writing poems when i was in fourth grade-i used to watch anne of green gables and those corny shows but they inspired me to dream and like poems
I starting enceeing/battling when I was about 15- my girl flowed (she was older) and i used to sing hooks for her... she told me one day that i should write, so i did
- i smoked an "L" and wrote this song called "Divine Infinity" when I was real high to Wu Tang's "6th Chamber" beat off the GZA "liquid swords" lp---
I can still remember it =)

Anyway, THA RZA was my favorite emcee and he said this line "Fortified with the Essential vitamins and minerals, the sky is my blanket, stuffin clouds in to my pillow"- thus, birthed my emcee name "ESSENTIAL"
I spell it with two z's because i was on AOL at the time and created a username "essential" but i had to change it cuz someone was using it... so i used two z's and it stuck!
.... that was in 1998 daaaaaaamn.. when there was AOL 3.0!

thanks, and ill be back to write my peice!

- I write battle verses to Mariah Carey songs...
This is a great website to discuss spirituality/religion, philosophies, and post poems:www.aware-discussion.net