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Topic subjectSikstyle by a mile....
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17711, Sikstyle by a mile....
Posted by hdub, Wed Nov-23-05 03:08 PM
just like he said:

>backed by believers, but you bringin some B blows// my
>A rhymes c-note all ya preconceived votes

and then to go name names..

>a dictator my lines go global like equators// I'll
>lay ya on a respirator next to the_best_hater

just too funny

this line alone is better than anything i've seen in the tourney so far including my own shit..

>any beat ya want throw some biggie pac or jay on
>dog you outta line like retarded kids wit crayons

sha's flowed real well but so did siks- the major difference here is that the punchlines in sha's were mainly some been there done that shit besides the baking soda line plus sik came with the audio and like most of you are on record saying audios should count

i love how you mixed with the krs on this sik very ill

looks like you gonna lose tho im so surprised lol