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Topic subjectSikstyle vs Shakeet Lokh Em
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17704, Sikstyle vs Shakeet Lokh Em
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-22-05 05:37 PM

Audio: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=434681

homey throw in the towel, ref ring the bell yo!!
open ya mouth n ima dunk in wit da elbow
dangle like vince carter, I oughta smack ya father
hold on to ya holy water the flow just gets hotter// wit
violins of violence, my murders move in silence
Quiet As Kept, shoulda KEPT his ass quiet
backed by believers, but you bringin some B blows// my
A rhymes c-note all ya preconceived votes
a dictator my lines go global like equators// I'll
lay ya on a respirator next to the_best_hater
defibrillators wont save ya I cook up n grill fakes// ya
skill traits in ill shape lookin like Seal's face
I sling sin since sin sings n burns within// the
surreal synge stings like a pOiSoN syringe
wit mind twirls, trippin off da trees like blind squirrels
sha you'd up ya chances in a league wit white girls
any beat ya want throw some biggie pac or jay on
dog you outta line like retarded kids wit crayons
homey I dont feel ya like I snuffed bleached crack
work a lil harder maybe one day you'll reach "Wack"// so
gimme the thumbs up, or you get the thumbs down
fuck clownin around, I'm flowin to drown
my style is too relentless this joker's my apprentice
only crowns you winnin when I make ya see the dentist


Sikstyle/ a thick pile/ of what Iím digestin in bile//
My excrement is your description, treat you like a Gentile//
I spit foul/ call you the sugarman from all that candy you launch//
You office toilet, kissin sphincter, oh that's right you from the Bronx//
This no taunt/ I sense your fear and your vast hesitance//
Stutterin a verse that couldnít outflow my vas deferens//
No precedence/ of excellence/ or even respectable evidence//
That your words donít sink in decadence/ and consecutive negligence//
In fact in this tournament a win for you has been highly evasive//
Yo Sik you only advanced to this round because of disqualification//
ImaNinja was a no show, Alias slayed you like Ali in Manilla//
Homey you the bakin soda in crack, 100 percent filler//
Take my Arm and Hammer the point/ I Mow Clowns like I was Detroit//
Sik ainít want it with Shakeet, he see more spit than the butt of a joint//
You disappoint/ Iíma send you from battle rhymin back to battle lurkin//
Sikstyle stay under the table more than deals with Haliburton//
Bobbin and weavin/ takin gulps, he ainít the dodgin the semen//
You react to this disaster like you were workin for FEMA//
This dude get purple pilled, my script Nexium for this ulcer//
Percocet for the pain of readin you, and Ritalin for your wack culture//
You half right/ hermaphrodite/ stay playin with your vulva//
You not even from New York, just an O/K/Homo from Tulsa//
Dude you lost when you was born, ainít seein me, hardly yo//
Death row inmates choosin between the needle and your audio//


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym