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Topic subjectRE: Whateva vs Destro Finesstro
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17700, RE: Whateva vs Destro Finesstro
Posted by sikstyle, Tue Nov-22-05 09:00 PM

>Sinner on the audio, devilish soul, You foldin
>Told him, he chose, now he hosed up wit showers that's
>Roll-in, side spltt-in, the gat-reach is in-dis-putable
>Only thing you "shootin up" is backstreet pharma-ceu-ticals

^illtastic. ayo you love that sideways spellin too haha, but I'm not countin that as a punch, you get style points though

>Destro Finesstro:

>You canít flip the switch on, and think that you instantly
>Cuz three quarters of this board thought thatís what you
>actually wrote!

>Couldnít be more obvious if you lit a back road with high
>How you frontin like you nice and you canít change your rhyme

tough one to call. on flow and rhyme, whateva takes it. on message itself Dr. Doom takes it. nice shit by both, I'm leanin towards whateva. this one is goin either way though. props 2 both

vote: whateva the cross dressa